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Ten Random Facts

Most housecats have twelve whiskers on each side of its nose.

In 1997 a Menorah was built in Latrun, near the main Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway. It was more than 60-feet tall, weighed 17 metric tons, and took up an area of 600-square meters. A rabbi was lifted in a crane each night of the holiday to light the candles on the menorah, which was made of metal pipes.

The shape of the follicle determines the curliness of your hair.

Before 1883, when American railroads adopted the four standard time divisions, they ran on schedules using 58 different times.

In 1497 in Scotland, the Declaration of the Education Act was passed, introducing compulsory schooling for all Scottish children.
Laws and Customs

Since the spice saffron is so expensive, knowledgeable chefs don't want to waste it. They never use wooden utensils when mixing saffron. Wood tends to absorb it easily.
Food and Drink

There are more than 10,000 golf courses in the United States.

Flamingo tongues were a common delicacy at Roman feasts.
Food and Drink

Some totally blind people can somehow sense light, says a New England Journal of Medicine study. This discovery may explain what keeps some blind people's biological rhythms in sync with that of sighted people's.

Boxing was the first sport to be filmed. Thomas A. Edison filmed a boxing match between Jack Cushing and Mike Leonard in 1894.

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