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Ten Random Facts

A man who meekly accepts his wife's adultery is a wittol.
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The popular drawing toy Etch A Sketch, invented by Arthur Granjean, was originally named "The L'Ecran Magique." Sales skyrocketed in 1960 after its name changed and some innovative TV advertising was launched.

Ralph Waldo Emerson died in 1882 from the effects of a cold contracted while attending the funeral of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Mr. Munster's first name is Herman.
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William Henry Harrison's campaign for president was known as the "Log Cabin Campaign." It emphasized that Harrison was a man of the common people who lived in a log cabin. In reality, Harrison was rather wealthy.
People » US Presidents

There are over 300 species of parrots.

Pennsylvania law mandates that all counties provide veterans' graves each year with a flag, most of which are distributed before Memorial Day.
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The Earth is 92.8 million miles away from the sun.

The first lighthouse in England was built in 1619 at the Lizard, Cornwall. Local legend suggested the man that built it, Sir John Killigrew, was actually a pirate and wanted to lure ships close to the shore to plunder them.

Australia's Ayers Rock is the largest rock in the world. It rises out of the middle of the country with a diameter of 5 miles around its base and a height of 1,000 feet.
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