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Ten Random Facts

The only House in England that the Queen may not enter is the House Of Commons as she is not a commoner.

Kissing one's fingertips is a common gesture throughout Europe and Latin America countries. It connotes the declaration of "aah, beautiful!" The recipient of the kiss may be anything from a woman or a wine, a sports car or a soccer play. It is believed the gesture originated from the custom of the ancient Greeks and Romans who, when entering and leaving the temple, threw a kiss toward sacred objects such as statues and alters.
Laws and Customs

The photosphere is the surface of the Sun, which provides most of the Sun's light. The temperature of the surface ranges from 7,740 degrees F (4,300 degrees C) to 16,200 degrees F (9,000 degrees C).

John Hancock was the only one of fifty signers of the Declaration of Independence who actually signed it on July 4.

Turkey's largest city, Istanbul, played a central role in Greek history. Called Constantinople, it was capital of the Byzantine Empire. The name Istanbul was not officially adopted until 1930.
Geography » Europe

An ant can survive for up to two weeks underwater.
Animals » Insects

Various U.S. cities have been named for popular European cities. If you say you're going to be vacationing in Paris, it could mean the city located in either the states of Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas, or West Virginia.Perris, California is another possibility. Then again, it could be in France.
Geography » US

Hale's 100 inch lens built in the early 1900s was the largest solid piece of glass made until then. The lens was made by a French specialist who poured the equivalent of ten thousand melted champagne bottles into a mold packed with heat maintaining manure so that the glass would cool slowly and not crack.
Science and Technology

At funerals in ancient China, when the lid of the coffin was closed, mourners took a few steps backward lest their shadows get caught in the box.

Sweet onions, which include Vidalias and Maui varieties, must be at least 6 percent sugar to be called "sweet."
Food and Drink

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