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Ten Random Facts

Scottish people of nobility are free from all arrests for debts, as they are the king's hereditary counselors. They cannot be outlawed in any civil action, and no attachment lies against their persons. Formerly their servants enjoyed the same privilege, but an act of Parliament in 1770 abolished the privilege.
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In the city of Washington D.C., no building may be built taller than the Washington Monument.

A kibei is a native U.S. citizen born of immigrant Japanese parents but educated largely in Japan.

The paper clip was patented by Norwegian inventor Johan Vaaler in 1899. Because Norway had no patent law at the time, he had to travel to Germany where he received his patent in 1900. His U.S. Patent was granted in 1901.
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King Alfonso of Spain (1886 to 1931), was so tone-deaf that he had one man in his employ known as the Anthem Man. This man's duty was to tell the king to stand up whenever the Spanish national anthem was played, because the monarch couldn't recognize it.
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Mawari-butai, or the revolving stage, was first invented in Japan about 300 years ago. The stage device made rapid changes of a scene possible without interrupting the flow of the plot. This was later introduced abroad.

The United States bought Alaska from Russia in 1867. The total sale price was close to 2 cents an acre or $7,200,000.

Real-life father and daughter Clint and Alison Eastwood played father and daughter in the movie "Tightrope" (1984).
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On September 24, 1789, Congress created the Office of the Attorney General. President George Washington appointed Edmund Randolph as the nation's first attorney general.

Tom Brokaw was the only network anchor present at the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

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