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Ten Random Facts

A chiropodist treats hands and feet.
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On February 14, 1803, Moses Coates patented the apple parer.

Chicago is home to the world's largest population of Poles outside of Warsaw, Poland.
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Robert Blake and Scott Wilson were not the first choices to play the cold-blooded murderers in Truman Capote's film adaptation of "In Cold Blood" (1967). Studio heads at Columbia Pictures originally wanted Paul Newman and Steve McQueen in the lead roles. Newman chose instead to star in the film hits "Cool Hand Luke" and "Hombre" that year; McQueen worked on "The Thomas Crown Affair" and "Bullitt." Blake, a former child actor best known for his work in the "Little Rascals" film shorts in the 1930s, earned critical attention for his chilling performance, and his floundering film career got a boost. Eight years later, he starred in the Emmy-winning series "Baretta." Wilson was not so fortunate, and never became the household name that Blake did.
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The average giraffe has a blood pressure two or three times that of the average human.

The king crab walks diagonally.

George Washington Carver developed more unconventional products from the peanut and its oils than anyone in history. For grooming, he came up with shaving cream, face cream, soap, and shampoo all made from the lowly peanut.

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt ate three chocolate-covered garlic balls every morning. Her doctor recommended this to improve her memory.
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During a 1992 presidential campaign stop, Bill Clinton told supporters that he was going to visit Denver's El Chapultepec Jazz Club to see what it was all about. News traveled fast, and so many people showed up that the future president was forced to stay in his car.
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The best working light-bulb a LONG time ago was a thread of sheep's wool coated with carbon.

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