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Ten Random Facts

The world's first iron bridge, built at Coalbrookdale, Shropshire, England in 1782, was the product of three generations of Darbys: Abraham Darby I developed the use of coke; his son manufactured cast iron; and his grandson built the bridge.

The liver distributes chemicals gleaned from food by the digestive system.

Five baseball gloves can be made from one cow.
Sports » Baseball

Boys who have unusual first names are more likely to have mental problems than boys with conventional names. Girls don't seem to have this problem.

In 1982, its inaugural year, The Weather Channel lost $10.6 million, and came dangerously close to being shut down. In fact, the network didn't make any money until 1985. Since then, The Weather Channel has steadily grown to where it is now seen in more than 67 million homes, or 98 percent of homes with cable television.
Entertainment » Television

Galileo became totally blind just before his death. This is probably because of his constant gazing at the sun through his telescope.
People » Celebrities and Public Figures

In 1981, Stephen King drew the following conclusion about horror films: "There is fine Waterford crystal that rings delicately when struck... and then there are Flintstone jelly glasses. You can drink your Dom Perignon out of either one, but, friends, there is a difference. The difference here is between horror for horror's sake and art. There is art in a horror film when the audience gets more than it gives. Not when our fears are milked just to drive us crazy but when an actual liaison is found between our fantasy fears and our real fears. Few horror movies are conceived with art in mind; most are conceived for profit."

The name of the Vulcan's heaven is Sha Ka Ree.
Entertainment » TV and Movies

Hans Christian Andersen's 1835 Wonder Stories was banned from children's reading lists in Illinois in 1954. The book was stamped “For Adult Readers” to make it “impossible for children to obtain smut.”
Laws and Customs

Since April 1999, anyone carrying more than a half-pound of caviar into the United States must produce permits showing it was legally harvested. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service also DNA-tests caviar shipments to affirm they really contain the premium varieties like beluga, which retails for about $80 an ounce in the United States.
Laws and Customs

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