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Ten Random Facts

Technology is not infallible. An estimated two million lab mistakes are made in the 100,000 laboratories in the United States every day.

In Dante's "Inferno" the Ninth Circle of Hell is reserved for those who betray family or country. The denizens of this deepest circle, who are frozen in ice, include Judas (betrayer of Christ) and Cassius and Brutus (betrayers of Julius Caesar).

Galaxies come in many different shapes which are determined by the effects of past gravitational encounters with other galaxies. Our Milky Way is a spiral-type galaxy.

Poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was the first American to have plumbing installed in his house, in 1840.

The mints, particularly peppermint, have a history of use in herbal medicine dating back to the ancient Egyptians. The Greeks and Romans also used mint varieties medicinally. British apothecary shops in the late 1600s kept dried mint, mint water, spirit of mints, and syrup of mints on the shelves. Peppermint tea or tincture can be taken for indigestion, intestinal gas build up, nausea, and fevers accompanied by colds.
Food and Drink

John Alden is noted for the fact that he was a cooper by trade and was asked to join the Mayflower company for the extremely important task of caring for the Pilgrims' beer kegs while on their New World journey.

An elephant's trunk is strong enough to tear a tree out of the ground, yet dexterous enough to untie a knot and sensitive enough to smell water three miles away.

Hailed as a wonder drug in the late nineteenth century, cocaine was outlawed in the United States in 1914.
Medicine and Health

You could milk about six cows per hour by hand, but with modern machinery, you can milk up to 100 cows per hour.
People » Inventors

Godiva Chocolates were launched in 1926 in Brussels, Belgium, when master chocolatier Joseph Draps founded, with his family, a chocolate company named in honor of the 1040 A.D. legend of Lady Godiva. Draps had perfected a unique formula of rich, smooth chocolate. With an eye for detail, he launched elegant, European shell-moulded designs and exquisite packaging. Through the years, his standards have been maintained as zealously as his recipes have been guarded. Since its U.S. introduction in 1966, Godiva continues to be a leader in the premium confectionery industry. Godiva's famous Open Oyster, a shell-moulded chocolate filled with hazelnut praliné, is the company's best-selling individual chocolate piece.
Food and Drink

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