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Ten Random Facts

A lightning bolt generates temperatures five times hotter than the 6,000 Centigrade found at the surface of the Sun.

It takes 3,000 seeds from the giant sequoia tree to weigh one ounce.

George Washington was deathly afraid of being buried alive. After he died, he wanted to be laid out for three days just to make sure he was dead.
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The three winter months in the southern hemisphere are June, July and August.

Natalie Cole, daughter of music legend Nat "King" Cole, became the first black to win the Best New Artist Grammy Award in 1975. The 25-year-old singer released her debut album, "Inseparable," exactly 10 years after her father's death.

Ulysses S. Grant's estate was named Mount McGregor.

Several of the Bond girls, namely Ursula Andress, Shirley Eaton, Eunice Gayson, and Claudine Auger, were unable to match an alluring voice to their sexy physical attributes. For each of them, their lines were dubbed by aspirant actress Nikki van der Zyl, who later left the film industry to practice as a legal professional. On "Doctor No," van der Zyl did every female voice except Miss Moneypenny and a Chinese girl, and she also dubbed Raquel Welch's grunting in "One Million Years B.C."
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Pain from any injury or illness is always registered by the brain. Yet, curiously, the brain tissue itself is immune to pain; it contains none of the specialized receptor cells that sense pain in other parts of the body. The pain associated with brain tumors does not arise from brain cells but from the pressure created by a growing tumor or tissues outside the brain.

Legendary sportscaster Red Barber masterfully handled the commentary for the first baseball broadcast when NBC televised the inaugural game in 1939.

In 1388, English Parliament banned waste disposal in public waterways and ditches.
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