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Ten Random Facts

When he was just 10 years old, future comedian and film star Jim Carrey sent his résumé to Carol Burnett.

The Canadian province of Nova Scotia leads the world in exporting lobster, wild blueberries, and Christmas trees.

Four tablespoons of ketchup, about the amount you would eat with an order of fries, contains the nutritional equivalent of an entire medium tomato.
Food and Drink

The horned owl is not horned. Two tufts of feathers were mistaken for horns.

On April 5, 1978, triplets were born to an Israeli Arab at the Assaf Harofeh Hospital. The babies' parents, according to researcher Bruce D. Witherspoon, named them Carter, Begin, and Sadat.

Huckleberry Finn's remedy for warts was swinging a dead cat in a graveyard at midnight.

The first chocolate chip cookie was developed in the kitchen of a Whitman, Massachusetts, country inn in 1937. Simple experiments led to a recipe combining bits of chocolate candy with a shortbread type cookie dough.
Food and Drink

The average adult eyeball weighs about one ounce.

When commercial telephone service was introduced between New York and London in 1927, the first three minutes of a call cost $75.00.

Vivian Malone and James Hood both registered for classes in 1963 to become the University of Alabama's first two black students.

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