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Ten Random Facts

Atlantic salmon are able to leap 15 feet high.

Pumpernickel bread is thought to be named for the German words meaning “devil fart.” In German, “pumpern-” means “to fart,” and “-Nickel” means “devil, demon or goblin.” Supposedly the bread causes gas as powerful as that which the Devil experiences.
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Grover Cleveland is the only president to have been elected to two non-consecutive terms. Upon leaving the White House in 1889, his wife told the staff to take care of the furniture because they would return. She was right.
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If the fresh water of Earth (only 1.6 percent of the water on the planet) was divided equally among all the people on the planet, each one would get 40 million gallons.

English soldiers were nicknamed "Tommies" during World War I because the example name on the forms soldiers were required to fill out was Thomas Atkins, the U.S. equivalent of John Smith. The name first appeared in 1815 when sample forms for soldiers showed where their signatures should appear. Rudyard Kipling also helped popularize the term “Tommy” in his writings.

Most precious gems are actually colorless. Their color comes form impurities in the stone than act as pigmenting agents.

Babies have taste buds all over the insides of their mouths, not just on their tongues. Adults and children have no taste buds on the center of their tongues.

The popular phrase "The blind leading the blind" comes from the New Testament, Matthew 15:14.
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Federal Aviation Administration rules say winds can be no stronger than 10 mph for safe hot-air balloon flights.
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When ordering coffee on U.S. flights, for the East Coast, "regular" is with milk and sugar; on the West Coast, "regular" coffee is black.
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