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Ten Random Facts

A deltiologist collects postcards.
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A large kangaroo would make a great long-distance jumper, covering more than thirty feet with a single jump.

It has been estimated that the deep seas may contain as many as 10 million species that have yet to be discovered.

Butler Jeeves of the Internet site Ask Jeeves.com made its debut as a large helium balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in 2000. Jeeves was the first Internet character balloon in the famous New York parade.

President John F. Kennedy commissioned Pierre Salinger to buy and stockpile 1,500 Havana cigars on the eve of signing the Cuban trade embargo.
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The squirrel monkey's brain accounts for roughly 5 percent of its body weight the largest percentage of any other animal. The human brain, by comparison, makes up about 2.3 percent of body weight.

New footage of the 1931 horror classic, "Frankenstein," was found in January 1986. It depicted the monster, played by Boris Karloff, throwing a girl into a lake and showed a hypodermic needle in the monster's arm. The scenes had been excised because they were considered too shocking for provincial 1930s audiences. They have since been put back in and the film has been re-released.
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The fragrant patchouli is a member of the mint family.

In order to sell his sets of Shakespeare door-to-door, David McConnell offered free perfume to his customers. He realized the perfume was more popular and began selling cosmetics door-to-door. This began the company that grew into Avon.

Benjamin Franklin's autobiography was the best-seller of the year in America in 1794. It was published in England the year before, three years after Franklin's death.

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