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Ten Random Facts

Mole Day is a chemistry holiday that takes place on October 23. The day celebrates chemistry, remember the mole concept, and give "honor" to the mole concept creator, Amadeo Avagadro (1776-1858). The actual holiday begins at 6:02 a.m. and ends at 6:02 p.m

Steeplechases originated from a bet in an eighteenth century hunt club. After a bad day fox hunting, one man suggested a race to a steeple in a straight line. To stay on the line, the racers had to overcome obstacles.

Mother-of pearl is not always white. It can be pink, blue, purple, gray, or even green. Nor is it produced only by the pearl oyster. The abalone and the pearl mussel both have shells that are lined with fine-quality mother-of-pearl.

33% of women lie about their weight.

The largest moth in the world is the atlas moth, which can have a wingspan of 12 inches. That's close to the size of a diner plate. The next largest is the owlet moth at 11.4 inches, then the 10.2 inch haematopis grataria, then the 8.3 Hercules emperor moth, and the 7.1 inch silk moth.
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The first umbrella factory in the U.S. was founded in 1928 in Baltimore, Maryland.
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At age 16 Confucius was a corn inspector.
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The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History houses the world's largest shell collection, some 15 million specimens. A smaller museum in Sanibel, Florida owns a mere 2 million shells and claims to be the world's only museum devoted solely to mollusks.

The Beach Boys formed in 1961.
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Although two-time Olympic gold medallist Percy Williams is rightly recognized by many as one of Canada's greatest athletes, he was twice beaten in the mid-1920s by Cyril Coaffee. In 1922, Coaffee ran the 100 yard dash in 9.6 seconds, tying the world record and setting a Canadian standard that wouldn't be bettered for 25 years.

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