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Ten Random Facts

"Lilies of the Field" (1963), starring Oscar winner Sidney Poitier, had several different working titles while the film was in production. Among them was "The Amen Man" and "Piety in the Sky."
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In 1970, only 5 percent of the American population lived in cities.

Balance mainly depends on the way liquid moves around in the three canals of the inner ear.

John F. Kennedy's wife, Jacqueline, became an international celebrity because of her beauty, poise, and intelligence.
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A sizable oak tree, during the typical growing season, gives off 28,000 gallons of moisture.

According to the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute in Arlington, Virginia, about 1,000 American deaths each year are a result of bicycle accidents.

The Luxor Hotel (shaped like an Egyptian Pyramid) is 36 stories tall, required more than 150,000 cubic yards of concrete, six thousand construction workers and 18 months to build. It takes a specially designed window washing device 64 hours to clean the sides of the pyramid, which is covered by 13 acres of glass. The Luxor atrium is the world's largest and could comfortably hold nine Boeing 747 airplanes.

The United States would fit into the continent of Africa three-and-a-half times.
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A "pogonip" is a heavy winter fog containing ice crystals.

On March 27, 1964, North America's strongest recorded earthquake, with a moment magnitude of 9.2, rocked central Alaska. Each year Alaska has approximately 5,000 earthquakes, including 1,000 that measure above 3.5 on the Richter scale. Of the ten strongest earthquakes ever recorded in the world, three have occurred in Alaska.
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