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Ten Random Facts

Oscar-winning actress Louise Fletcher's father was an Episcopal minister, and both her parents were totally deaf. Before she made it in show business, Fletcher worked as a physician's receptionist.

The word dinosaur means terrible lizard. This is a bit of a misnomer since they were only distantly related to lizard.
Words and Numbers

A blood clot that clogs the artery is called a thrombosis.
Words and Numbers

"Stewardesses" is the longest word that is typed with only the left hand. Unless of course, you use the hunt-and-peck method.
Words and Numbers

86 is one of many codes once used by soda fountain employees to communicate quickly among themselves. Code 33 meant a cherry-flavored Coke, Code 19 meant a banana split, and Code 86 meant they were out of a particular item. As a result, if a cook "86'd" an order, it meant he was canceling it.
Food and Drink

The Germans considered Casablanca (1943) a propaganda film and made it illegal to show in German theaters during World War II. Even after the war, only a censored version was allowed to be shown in Germany; all references to Nazis were removed.
Laws and Customs

The female blue crab can lay up to 1 million eggs in a day.

In 1533, Henry VIII secretly wed Anne Boleyn. The Vatican Library preserves twelve love letters he wrote to her.

Born in Kyiv, Russia (now Ukraine) in 1898, Golda Meir moved to Wisconsin when she was a small girl. She attended and graduated from Milwaukee Teachers College.

In ancient China, the crimes for abduction, armed robbery, treason, and adultery were punished by castration.

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