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Norah Jones Quotes

"A lot of pop people out there are cool, but they overdo it."

"I don't try to sound like anyone but me anymore. If something is out of my element, I try to avoid it."

"I just do the same stuff I always did. I have a bigger apartment - that's the main change."

"I'm not melancholy; I'm a happy-go-lucky person, kind of silly. I like funny things. I have a lot of energy. I tend to like music that's mellow, though."

"In college I had a weekend gig at a restaurant, a solo thing that was the best practice I could have ever had. That's where I learned to coordinate my singing and my piano playing."

"That's been the coolest thing about all this - I get to meet people that I worship!"

"Without a piano I don't know how to stand, don't know what to do with my hands."

"You gotta remember, I'm 24 years old. Who knows if I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing? But yeah, I'd like to rock out some day!"

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