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Pick a day, month and year to get events which happened on that precise date. Leave the year as "all" to get all events for which the chosen date (day and month) is an anniversary.

Events in History

Twenty random people born on this day...

  • Moncure Daniel Conway, U.S., abolitionist, Life of Thomas Paine (1832)
  • Fran Byrne, rocker (1948)
  • Andrew McMarlin, born in Vienna, Virginia, rower 1996 Olympics (1969)
  • Wilhelmus M J Russell, Dutch attorney/Member of 1st chamber, KVP/CDA (1918)
  • William Gibson, born in Canada, sci-fi author, Neuromancer, Count Zero (1948)
  • Tommy Thigpen, WLAF linebacker, Barcelona Dragons (1971)
  • Gloria Swanson, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Sadie Thompson, Killer Bees (1899)
  • Roxy Dora Petrucci, born in Rochester, Minnesota, rock drummer, Vixen-Rev It Up (1962)
  • Roger Brooke Taney, Calvert, Maryland, 5th Chief Justice, Dred Scott dec (1777)
  • Paul Overstreet, born in Van Cleave, Mississippi, country singer, Daddy's Come Around (1955)
  • George Simon Ohm, physicist, discovered Ohm's Law (1787)
  • Patrick Ronayne Cleburne, Major General Confederate Army (1828)
  • Bill Beyers, actor, Wally McCandless-Capitol (1955)
  • Sayed Darwish, composer (1892)
  • Gottlieb Daimler, born in Germany, engineer/inventor/designed 1st motorcycle (1834)
  • Lesley-Anne Down, born in London, actress, A Little Night Music, Moonraker (1954)
  • Eisaku Sato, premier of Japan, Nobel 1974 (1901)
  • Patrick Allen, Malawi, actor, Roman Holiday, Dial "M" for Murder (1927)
  • John Sebastian, born in New York City, singer, Loving Spoonful, Welcome Back Kotter (1944)
  • Oskar Peschel, German journalist/geography, Volkerkunder (1826)

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