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Pick a day, month and year to get events which happened on that precise date. Leave the year as "all" to get all events for which the chosen date (day and month) is an anniversary.

Events in History

Five random people born on this day...

  • Niels H Abel, Norwegian mathematician, Abel's Comparisons (1802)
  • Guy de Maupassant, France, author, Boule de Suif (1850)
  • Ivar A Aasen, Norwegian linguistic/poet (1813)
  • Mike Nocito, rocker, Johnny Hates Jazz-Turn Back the Clock (1960)
  • Leonardo Ortensio Salvatore de Leo, composer (1694)

Five random people who died on this day...

  • Gijsbert K van Hogendorp, Dutch min of Foreign affairs, dies at 71 (1834)
  • Adrian Roland Holst, poet (Past the Roads), dies at 88 (1976)
  • Heinrich O Wieland, German chemist (Nobel 1927), dies at 80 (1957)
  • Herman Gooding, Suriname police-inspector, dies (1990)
  • Joseph Holbrooke, English pianist/composer (3 Blind Mice), dies at 80 (1958)

Five random things that happened on this day...

  • Federal government began firing striking air traffic controllers (1981)
  • Steve Carlton is 2nd to pitch 4,000 strikeout (1986)
  • 33rd NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Green Bay 38, All-Stars 0 (72,000) (1966)
  • Sergeo Bubka of U.S.S.R. sets pole vault record (20'") in Malmo Sweden (1991)
  • Lou Pinella Day at Yankee Stadium (1984)

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